Thank you banner 2048x2048 - ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.

Creating a movement isn’t easy, and certainly one as RARE. as this.  It would not have been possible without these individuals who helped make it happen.


We are forever grateful.


RARE. would not exist without your love, encouragement and patience. Thank you for being there every step of this journey. I love you .


Words can not express my gratitude for helping me take my story and put it into words. Your support during the transition from Krafty was vital to the creation of RARE.


You came at just the right moment and provided the support needed to fully develop RARE. Your ideas, dedication and social outreach is unmatched. RARE. is lucky to have you.

Evan & Sonia 

You both have contributed greatly to RARE. by bringing your specialties to the team even after your long work days.  We can’t thank you enough.


I am filled with gratitude because you jumped in and helped me bring to life my vision but also my story to these pages. You took my area of weakness and made it beautiful, thank you.


You created a way to reach people like me and give them hope, tough love, and a space to be a creator no matter where you came from. You are truly one-of-a-kind.

Guillermo* & Taylor

Thank you for believing in RARE. Your ability to bring my products to life illuminated my vision. 

Tom and Rich from PH3 Photography*

Somewhere along the way a friendship was forged and I am eternally grateful. Thank you for taking the time to be apart of our lives and always being able to photograph us with such authenticity.


*Photo Credit