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My fight with Endo

At the age of 18 I began to realize the pain I was experiencing with my period was not normal . Some days I could not even make it to school or work due to the fact that I was so nauseous and tired and my cramps felt like I had an elephant sitting on my stomach. From the ages of 17-22 I was seeing the same OBGYN who told me my pain was completely normal it’s just part of being a woman, and I believed her because she’s supposed to be knowledgeable in these things. Fast forward to Me being 22 , I was in the ER for what I thought was my appendix , but it turned out it was ovarian cysts AGAIN ( third time cysts have caused me this much pain to be put in the ER ) . So guess what it was time to find a new OBGYN who would help me, I’m so appreciative of my current OBGYN, she’s the one who diagnosed my endo and is working with me now to help my symptoms . My goal is to raise my awareness for endo so there is more research put into it. I have my biggest supporter aka my mom to thank for standing by my side through this for 5 years and pushing me to find out what is really wrong, make sure you find your supporter and confide in them . You know your body , if you feel like something is wrong keep pushing , go to as many doctors as you need to until someone helps!

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