The RARE. Path

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The RARE. Path

Fighting a chronic illness is a battle, but its a battle that there is no actual ending.  There is no cure, and there is no resolution.  Who wins?  The questions should be how do two opposing forces continue to inhabit the same life-force at the same time?  Unfortunately though the battle inside of the body is only one part.  There is a separate battle between the sufferer and those around them.  We understand that it is not always easy to be a caregiver or love someone who is ill, but we want to honor the individuality and decision making of those who are ill.  

Here is one perspective on dealing with others who just do not understand.


It seems like no matter what I do I am being judged for it. Either I am doing too much or too little, someone seems to always be able to tell me how to live my life better than I can. So I am taking this rare path, that I have made for myself .

I am going to to let you judge me. I will let you misunderstand me. I will let you talk about me. I will even let you gossip about me. Your opinion is no longer my problem, nor is it even something I care to hear.

Just as I could not change your thoughts about me, you can not change me. I will always be overly kind, even when it is undeserved. I would never intentionally harm or try to hurt someone regardless of how they have treated me.

So your approval or recognition is not needed anymore because i already know the truth. I am greater than the small box you attempted to push me into. I always had the power; I just had to believe it for myself. I am starting to realize it is true what they say, "They can't knock you off a pedestal you built by yourself."


Be Kind Anyway.  It costs nothing and is invaluable.

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  • Janette Sammon

    love the message…love you more

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