Stay "Humble", Save the "Shade" & Don't get "Petty" Canvas Hats

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We have all been there, that moment when you do a double take and think... "were they being shady?" or how about that person in your life who can not help but amaze you with their neverending hole of petty. You know that person who can find your every flaw and are only outdone by their tit for tat need to debate what you wore last Tuesday to work. No shade and I don't mean to get petty but if you don't know who I am talking about... that person may be you ;) 

Regardless, these fashion washout canvas hats ignite laughter propelling conversation that boldly screams message; " not today lucy, save the shade and please don't get petty"


Hats are canvas material on washed out colors finished with the Greater Than Project (X) RARE. Logo in HTV vinyl.

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