Our Team

A Rare movement

We are a brand with a purpose.

Behind every RARE. product is a mission to spread awareness around rare diseases and advocate for those struggling silently with them everyday. We want to make the invisible – visible. And that’s why we created RARE.

The Founder of RARE. Kristine, is a current fighter of a rare disease.

She was diagnosed only a few short years ago and quickly understood that millions of people worldwide battle with these forms of illnesses that are mostly unknown, uninvestigated and sadly – incurable.

Kristine Hoestermann find your rare

While RARE. was the brainchild of our founder…

Kristine (K) quickly became determined and dedicated to birthing a brand that can shed light on these invisible killers, while raising the much needed funds to donate to the National Organization of Rare Disorders to help support finding cures. Every item at RARE. is designed to make a difference and impact the future of what rare diseases look like, one product at a time.

Theresa (T.Co) is a rare disease/chronic illness warrior located near Portland, Oregon. She is currently in school to obtain her Bachelor of Science Business Administration, Marketing. Theresa found RARE. through their club on the Clubhouse app, and instantly connected with Kristine. She helped raise $2,500 for the 2021 Rare Disease Day event and then took on her role as the RARE. marketing intern in Spring of 2021. When she is not doing school work or diving into her work with RARE., Theresa enjoys spending time with her spouse and fur children. She is a fierce advocate for the marginalized and hopes that her work with RARE. will have a positive impact in the rare disease and chronic illness community.



Thank you to all of the amazing humans who have worked with RARE. supported RARE. & believed in RARE.
We are forever grateful.