The RARE. Movement

RARE. Ambassador Early Access Application!

This is our declaration of RARE. For all the challenges we have faced, are still facing, and may face again in the future; despite the relentless attempts of the unknown we here and we are standing. We are greater than.

RARE. is a custom clothing and handmade craft company with a purpose.  Behind every item is our mission and true purpose, spreading awareness and advocating for those struggling with rare diseases. Rare diseases are often referred to as “invisible illnesses” due to the lack of understanding and research surrounding them. Most people struggling with a rare disease feel unheard and misunderstood. If you or someone you know has a rare disease, this story may be all too familiar to you.  RARE. believes that through awareness and funding, the uncertain future of rare diseases could become more clear. With every purchase through RARE., a donation is made to the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD) to help research for cures and eliminate the stigma behind “invisible illnesses.”

While RARE. was the brainchild of our founder, a current fighter of a rare disease, RARE. at its heart is really about fighting for awareness and community for all those who are affected by invisible disorders or challenges.  RARE. is a place for everyone. Just because your struggle has a name, it does not make the journey less difficult. We understand the heart that it takes to fight through every day whether it is MS or depression. We honor your fight and your courage.  We believe that every person is fighting a battle you may know nothing about. We hope that RARE. can be your place to share your story and embrace what makes you RARE. Let us celebrate what makes you unique and honor the triumphs you make every single day.  Faces of RARE. is you, it is your story. It is our story together, so please read, share, and join the movement today.

Along with our RARE. collection, our Greater Than Project is an initiative to remind you that you are greater than anything standing in your way. A symbol of your strength and ability to overcome your darkest days. You are enough. You are greater than (whatever challenge you may face). For more information on The Greater Than Project click here.

In addition to the RARE. collection we have an expansive selection of unique designs. Our handmade collections feature apparel, drinkware, decor, accessories and a space for you bring your own visions to life.

Join us as we create change, spread kindness, and build community.

Follow the journey on social media (@findyourrare), share your story with us, or tag us (#findyourrare).

RARE. has been a safe place for us in a world that feels unknown, we hope you find that same comfort here.

Welcome to RARE.