Our Story

A Rare movement

We are a brand with a purpose.

Behind every RARE. product is a mission to spread awareness around rare diseases and advocate for those struggling silently with them everyday. We want to make the invisible – visible. And that’s why we created RARE.

The Founder of RARE. Kristine, is a current fighter of a rare disease.

She was diagnosed only a few short years ago and quickly understood that millions of people worldwide battle with these forms of illnesses that are mostly unknown, uninvestigated and sadly – incurable.

Kristine Hoestermann find your rare

While RARE. was the brainchild of our founder…

Kristine quickly became determined and dedicated to birthing a brand that can shed light on these invisible killers, while raising the much needed funds to donate to the National Organization of Rare Disorders to help support finding cures. Every item at RARE. is designed to make a difference and impact the future of what rare diseases look like, one product at a time.

Theresa is a life-and-style blogger right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My family is my greatest gift, biggest motivation, and number one reason to LIVE LARGER!  Theresa became a rare disease advocate after her youngest son Owen was diagnosed with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, a rare disease that gives him an increased risk of developing cancer. Following his diagnosis Theresa became determined to connect with others and raise awareness for BWs to help further research. 

 Her passion and drive will result in leaving a legacy of change and hope for all rare disease families.

Theresa Thomas find your rare

Kristine (k) and Theresa (tt) connected over Instagram in August 2019 they instantly bonded over their shared passion, drive, and mission to raise awareness for rare diseases and invisible causes. They realized that together they could accomplish more than acting as separate establishments and decided to collaborate. After a few months of casual communication back and forth online, they started to create items for their collaborative line. Quickly both realized the impact they could make by partnering before ever officially meeting. In January 2020, they took the rare risk of becoming business partners to accomplish their mission. Together they are creating a community of change and cultivating kindness.
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