5 RARE. Products To Step Up Your Summer Game

Step Up and Into Summer

So we know everyone has been cooped up and on lockdown because of COVID but you can still step up your summer game with 5 of our favorite RARE. Products from our 2020 Summer line. Trust us, we put a lot of love and attention into this line because let's face it, many of us put on some extra LBS during the quarantine. We always think its necessary to be comfortable in the skin your in, and while that isn’t always easy we sure as hell are going to help you try! Check out our 5 top-rated items from our 2020 Summer Line!

  1. Scripted RARE. High waisted two-piece bathing suit
    This wins our number 1 spot because it fits and flatters literally every body type! K and I are two totally different sizes and yet this looked great on us both! It allows you to be comfortable yet flatters your figure and gives you the confidence to strut your stuff in style!
  2. Jump into Summer Scripted RARE. Jumper
    This jumper is one of our personal favorites because of its functionality. Like we said we are ALL about comfort and this offers the best of both worlds. It’s possible to be comfy and adorable all at the same time with very minimal effort. This jumper looks super cute styled with a pair of vans or chucks as well as with a pair of wedges. You can dress this up or dress this down. You can even wear it to the beach with flip flops. It has a super cute high neckline and the working drawstring hits right at the appropriate spot in the midsection. You do not want to wait to snag this up!
  3. Carpe Diem Strappy Tank
    We chose this strappy tank as one of our next features because it is a fun spin on a classic tank top. It elevates your game with the strappy back detail. This is easily a signature piece that you could wear with a cute pair of high waisted jeans on a night out with your girlfriends.
  4. Personalized Everywhere Floral Utility Tote
    Okay, so as women we all know that a good bag is essential to function every day. As a mom, I literally have everything but the kitchen sink in my purse. A good bag is even more essential if your making beach trips or summer trips in general. Our Utility tote boasts a bold colorful pattern and has so many pockets. There is more than enough room for everything you need on summer day trips.
  5. Effortless Elegant One Piece Off the Shoulder Bathing Suit
    Every woman needs a good one piece and let's face it one-pieces can be very tricky. I always had such a hard time finding a one-piece that was flattering, especially since I am tall. I always hated the fact that I didn’t feel attractive in a one-piece. Well, that has certainly changed. This one-piece is incredibly flattering and features a super cute ruffle that can be worn in a few different ways.

So whether you are someone who dresses up, dresses down, or puts comfort above all else we have one of everything that will work for you! 



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