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Autism - The Perfect Puzzle Piece

"They are exhausting. They are challenging, and honestly, they make you question if you know what the hell you're doing. I wouldn’t even say the meltdowns are the worst part. The worst part is people's reactions. People who have no idea your child isn’t throwing a fit because their a typical two-year-old, rather, they are completely melting down because they cannot regulate the input of stimulus they are receiving. They have no control over their outbursts."

A Mom's Journey with Medical Marijuana
"You would never judge someone who is on antidepressants, or who takes prescription medications for pain. So before you judge someone for using marijuana do the research. Look into the benefits vs the risks. Educate yourself! You will be surprised at what you discover!"
Finding RARE.
"I wish I could say that in the four years since my onset I sit here having gone through all the stages of grief all the way through acceptance to gratitude, but that's not my story."
Have you ever had to try and make decisions based on something unknown? Sounds kind of impossible right? How could you possibly make an informed decision about something when you don’t have all the facts? You don’t have all the answers or information.
Never Prepared..
A situation that statistically is very low and that "only" happens to medically compromised adults or children.
Trust The Process
If you are anything like me, trusting the process can be really hard. Being at the bottom of the barrel in a family of 11 makes you want to control everything you can. Trusting the process means you HAVE NO...