You Should Go & Love Yourself

So I decided to follow up on my most recent blog post and talk about loving yourself. My last blog talked about the difficulties of blogging, mainly because of how people start to perceive you. Many of the comments on my last blog post referenced just that. So many bloggers and influencers are nervous about what people are going to think of them. Some even worried that they would be perceived as narcissistic because of selfies they post. I'm here to tell you to LOVE WHO YOU ARE!

Confidence vs Narcissism

Let's get something straight. There is a major difference between loving yourself and being IN LOVE with yourself. Let me explain. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving yourself. You are allowed to love who you are. There is nothing wrong with taking a picture of yourself and loving the way you look in it. That is called CONFIDENCE. Admiring what makes you beautiful as a person inside AND OUT, in my opinion, shows emotional security. Loving yourself is not easy. You might not love yourself every day. But don't let someone else's negative opinion stop you from striving towards it. 

Be KInd Anyway

In today's world it is so easy NOT to love ourselves. There is always something you could pick apart about yourself no matter how confident you are. There are times when I love my body and times I wish I didn't have so many stretch marks on my stomach. You can always see the negative in something if you allow yourself to. Change your mode of thinking. Yes. I have so many stretch marks on my stomach that my belly looks like a dried-up raisin. Actually, my 4 year old described it as a dodgeball. Gotta love the honesty of children. I now choose to look at my stomach and see the reason it is that way. The reason is the two beautiful blonde boys that I wake up to everyday. I would take a dodgeball raisin belly any day if it meant having them as my children.

What is so wrong with looking at yourself and saying, "I look pretty damn good"? We live in a world where everyone strives to be so perfect, yet the minute someone accepts their imperfections, feels beautiful and shares it, we call them conceded, or self absorbed. What the hell is up with that?! Whatever happened to women acknowledging not only their own beauty, but the beauty of the women around them? We really need to get our shit together as a society and stop shaming the women who are brave enough to love themselves and to show it to the world.

Are you up for it?

I have a challenge for all of you. The next time a bad thought comes into your head about someone, immediately try and think of a way to compliment that person. Think of something that would build that person up and help them love themselves like they should. Part of the reason woman have such a hard time loving themselves is because women around them judge and belittle them. Let's knock that shit off. Let's be women who support each other.

So if you are becoming brave enough to love yourself regardless of your flaws I applaud you! Take that selfie and freaking LOVE YO SELF! Be proud of who you are and don't give a ish what someone else has to say, because chances are they are way further behind in the loving themselves department than you are...

Live Large & Stay RARE.


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