Will you I ever be enough?


greater than hate

In a world where hate seems to so easily seep out of people's souls and out of their skin, it is hard to remember that you are enough. It can be hard to remember that you and everything about you, is what makes you amazing. The differences in each and every one of us are what make the world an amazing place if we just allow each other to celebrate those differences. Those differences are what allows us to be greater than hate.

Differences aren’t easy but they are what make us unique. Our skin color, our hair, our personality, our thought process. All of those things make up who we each are as an individual and no one should be ashamed of the pieces that make them whole. We have the opportunity as a community of people to make a change in the world and we can only do that if we come together and love each other for our differences.

The skin you're in


You are no less of a person then I am because of the skin your in. Your value as a person doesn’t decrease if you were born with conditions that are otherwise deemed, “less then perfect”. We all have something we can take from each other and learn from if we just allow ourselves to listen. Listen to one another on both sides of the fence. There is value in every thought and conversation. There is so much we can learn from one another to make the world a better place for each and every one of us who are living in it.

I remember when Owen was born. I was so scared of how the world would look at him. What would he learn from the world, being a boy who was born physically different than the rest? I look back now and ask myself why did I let my brain go there? Why for a second did I think that the judgment of the world mattered? What I should have been thinking was what can the world learn from my son? And trust me there is a lot that can be learned.

You were born with value

Every day I look at Owen and see hope. I hope that as a community of blended different races and different abilities, we can see the value that each person plays in the world. I hope that we can look at one another and see the beauty in what makes us different, whether that be our skin color or like Owen, being born with a rare disease.

Every single person has value no matter how they entered this world they entered the world. You and everything that makes you whole is ENOUGH. When we start as a community to value each and every individual, their life, and the way the universe made them, that is when we can all be greater than hate.

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