When Planning Fails

Have you ever felt so frustrated with where you are supposed to be in life? With where your life is going? We live in a world where people try and plan EVERYTHING! Plan our days. Our nights. What we are going to eat. What we are going to wear. Plan meetings. Plan date nights. Decide when the right time to have children is. I'm not saying I am against planning, it helps to have an idea what direction you want your life to go. I am saying that you need to be prepared for the plan to fail, and sometimes fail miserably. What then will you do? What plans do you have in place for when planning fails?

Back up Plans for your Plans


This is a question I wish I reflected on before the failing of my "plan". Why? Because my life plan is nothing like I planned it to be! Ha! Life has a funny way of allowing you to think you have it all figured out, then WHAM! It flips you and your plan upside down and doesn't care what effect it has on you. If someone would have told me eight months ago that I would turn into a blogger I would have laughed. I thought I had everything figured out until my back issues crept up on me again. If you aren't up to date on my elderly spinal problems you can catch up here.

The twists and turns my life has taken have caused me to really evaluate things. I no longer am going to assume that because I have a plan in place that's what my life will amount to. The truth is, regardless of planning, we really have no idea what our life will become. You can literally change your path and course of direction by simply deciding to turn left instead of right! That's a powerful thought if you really sit down and think about it.

Remember who you are


If your life takes a turn you're not expecting, if you remain true to who you are, you will figure out what your path really is. Take me for instance. I still have no idea what my path is, but here are some things I do know. I am determined, a hard worker, and I can adapt if I allow myself too.

If I continue to keep those qualities, whatever unexpected turn my life goes down, it will shape my bigger picture for me. I am a firm believer that you have to be proactive when it comes to managing bumps in the road. Having three back surgeries before the age of 30 has taught me that being adaptable to change is an absolute must. I need to stay true to who I am and at the end of the day the change in my path won't matter. I'll get to the end goal, whatever that may be, whether I keep going straight, or I take an unexpected detour.

Gain control by Letting it go

So, for those of you who are struggling with where you are, just remember that every experience you have in life helps get you to where you need to be. We are not always meant to have control. Which is the WORST! I struggle with that so much, but the moment you accept you don't have control is when you actually do...





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